ai module.

Our AI module makes it possible to understand unstructured information from chat dialogues, emails or other text sources thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (NLP).


Easy and transparent

Our aiaibot experts have developed the AI module to make our platform more intelligent by using machine learning. Among other things, the module enables the training of so-called classifiers for the recognition of customer concerns (intents) and a steering of the dialogue based on that. For us AI is not a black box - we focus on simple operation and transparency.


Import Wizard

The Import Wizard allows you to train your chatbot with a variety of data and content. The data upload is easy and comfortable and supports different file formats. The training data is entered into the system in a clean and clearly structured way and can additionally be viewed in a neat preview.


Data View

Get insight into your uploaded training data and edit or extend it at any time. You can also easily filter them to get a better overview.


Report View

Your trained classifier can be evaluated on the basis of various key figures. For the evaluation we offer not only the functionality, but also the transparency of how and why aiaibot has obtained these key figures. With the help of the Confusion Matrix, which clearly shows for which examples the classifier predicts a different intent than expected, you can further optimise your model.


Intent Widget

By implementing this feature, your chatbot will be able to use intent detection to control the dialogue. This means that the intent widget will continue the dialogue with the story that most likely matches the user's free text input.