Conversational AI for Companies from the Energy Sector.

With aiaibot's Conversational AI platform, you automate your customer communications intelligently and measurably.

Chatbot as 24/7 self-service offering
Lead generation via digital channels
Happy and loyal customers
Customer consulting at the digital touchpoint

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Create measurable value with chatbots.

Today, most customer inquiries are received by phone or email. These can be questions about relocation, invoices or products, for example.

The chatbot complements your customer service as a digital self-service channel that is available at any time. You can reduce the workload of your service department by up to 30 % and cut costs sustainably. Delight your customers with an outstanding service experience.

At the same time, the chatbot can also advise your (potential) customers and thus specifically promotes your products and services.


Chatbot as 24/7 Self-Service offering.

The chatbot is establishing itself as a popular entry channel for customer service inquiries. With the use of Conversational AI, the dialogue between your customers and you as an energy provider is automated and peaks and waiting times are eliminated. Questions on topics such as relocation, or electricity charges can be answered automatically.

The interaction between answering via chatbot and email and the associated systems such as ticketing tools or CRMs creates an additional service offering at attractive costs and fully meets customer expectations.


Lead generation via digital channels.

The chatbot advises your website visitors and promotes your electricity products and services in a targeted manner. In this way, the bot guides the interested parties through to the purchase of a service or collects contact information for a consultation appointment.

In this way, customers also experience competent advice at the digital touchpoint. Interaction with the chatbot and support via live chat or video advice, for example, create an integrated customer journey with a positive customer experience.

Simply integrate aiaibot.


Third-party systems can be easily integrated via a standard interface. The following softwares have already been successfully integrated at companies from the banking industry.