Relieve the burden on your IT support while delighting end users with self-service.
Chatbot as input channel and virtual supporter
Identify concerns, create tickets, and automated routing
Self-service around the clock
Cost savings through efficient processing

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What ai can do.

IT Supporter.

A well-functioning IT infrastructure in companies is the key to productivity and efficiency. Questions or problems relating to IT must therefore be dealt with by IT support as quickly as possible to ensure uninterrupted operation.


The chatbot supports the service desk as a digital IT supporter by recognizing user concerns and forwarding them to the right place. Increase IT support productivity and create a positive user experience at the same time.

Increase productivity.

With the use of the digital supporter, user concerns can be automatically identified and forwarded to the right place for resolution. The chatbot also creates tickets directly, which are prioritized and assigned by means of routing.

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Self-service for better experience.

Employees no longer have to wait for their IT tickets to be answered for standard concerns, but can solve them on their own with the help of the chatbot. Resetting passwords, ordering IT equipment or reporting faults can be done easily and around the clock via the chatbot.

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The digital service desk is the future of IT support and, for us, the perfect complement to classic support.
Thomas Laub
Thomas Laub
Head of IT-Servicemanagement
Cantonal Hospital Aarau
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The digital

The chatbot as a digital IT support agent can identify users, create and prioritize IT tickets, access third-party systems or knowledge bases, and create a positive user experience. Add a new virtual assistant to your IT support and provide end users with an exciting and always available inbound channel with the digital IT Service Desk.

The chatbot is also suitable for immediate help. Every day, your IT Service Desk receives a large number of easy-to-solve requests that would be perfect for automated processing via chatbot. If these are newly processed with the digital IT supporter, the service desk employees can take care of more complex concerns.

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The right solution for every area.

Increase conversion rates and sales with the help of the digital salesperson. It works around the clock and optimally complements your Sales department.

Customer Advisory Service

Advise your customers individually at the digital touchpoint with a combination of chatbot and live chat. For a seamless customer journey.

Customer Service

With the chatbot as a self-service offering, you avoid waiting times for your customers and noticeably relieve customer service. For more efficiency in service.


Make your website content even easier to find and reduce the bounce rate. Users will quickly get to the information they are looking for.