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What our AI can do


We rely on the integration of the most powerful language models into our aiaibot platform to realize the full potential of text generation. ChatGPT alone has weaknesses in ensuring correct, up-to-date and specific responses. A no-go for our customers who expect the highest level of quality and reliability.


However, the combination of aiaibot with GPT language models enables an optimal solution. For example, GPT can use contextual information from internal company sources and prepare it in such a way that customers receive precise and concise answers to their questions without being confronted with numerous links or articles. In addition, our intelligent fallback function ensures that in specific cases customers have the option of receiving personal advice via chat or the hotline. In this way, we guarantee a comprehensive and satisfying customer experience.

How the effective interaction aiaibot x GPT works

In our platform, we use a combination of different AI technologies and robot workflows to provide the best possible answers to users. This includes all modules of aiaibot and currently the language models GPT-3.5/4 from OpenAI.

Initially, aiaibot uses special algorithms and workflows to perform a targeted content search in the knowledge database. This search aims to identify relevant texts on the basis of which GPT can answer the respective user query. This selected information is then passed to the GPT model so that it generates a suitable answer. In doing so, we ensure that the language model's response is tailored to the specific content.

To enable knowledge search, the available content is loaded into our aiaibot platform and converted into vectors (embedding). This ensures that the language model can access knowledge that matches the content.

For frequently asked questions, we alternatively use our AI FAQ module. This enables us to recognize standard queries and to display answers to them. FAQs can be generated initially via GPT if required. This saves transaction costs when using GPT and prevents user questions from having to be forwarded to GPT when it is not necessary.

The aiaibot platform orchestrates all of these AI technologies while ensuring comprehensive data protection, as well as high security and ethical standards. It is important to us that not only the answers are optimal, but also that the privacy and security of our users are maintained.

Link aiaibot and GPT - and get started in four weeks!

The following proven approach awaits you:

  1. Set topics
  2. Provide content. This may come along unstructured!
  3. Embedding (import and vectorize content)
  4. Customizing the chatbot dialog
  5. Provide for handover to live consultation (live chat, hotline, video) - especially if added value can be generated
  6. Enter FAQ and/or generate with GPT
  7. Test, learn, optimize

Our AI experts promise, after four weeks the pilot will be operational.

"The combination of content or knowledge bases in the aiaibot platform with the GPT language model, which is provided with appropriate context by aiaibot to answer customer concerns, is a game changer. Not only can it increase service efficiency, but it can also significantly improve the customer experience."

Possible use cases for your company?

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The AI service transformation is underway. It is up to us to develop use cases with added value for customers and to score with the service experience of tomorrow.
Tom Buser
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Regardless of whether it's a financial service provider, insurance company, public administration, hospital, institution, publishing house or energy supplier.

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