RAV Baselland launches virtual Personnel Consultant for Job Seekers

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Use Case

Easily register online with the RAV and find answers to questions and information about topics such as registration, job search, and insurance benefits.


Enhancing the customer experience on the website and providing straightforward answers to common questions and concerns about job search and related topics.


Assignment to the appropriate RAV department for the request via zip code query of the responsible municipality by means of Robot module and connection to third-party systems. 

The regional employment centers (RAV) of the canton of Baselland support job-seekers in finding a new job by means of counseling services and labor market measures.

The RAVs receive many recurring inquiries from people who have just lost their jobs. Most of them only deal with the issues of unemployment and social insurance when they are confronted with job loss.

Initial situation

The majority of these simple inquiries can be clarified quickly in a conversation. Nevertheless, this is always time-consuming for the employees. Most of the time, the insured individuals have questions about registering with the RAV and finding a job - i.e., about topics related to application documents and job portals - or about insurance benefits and unemployment compensation. 

Idea & Implementation

The chatbot of the RAV Baselland enables those affected to register for the RAV directly in dialogue with the bot. At the same time, it also answers corresponding questions on the topic. For the clarification of responsibility, a database is queried via connection of the Robot module, whereby the responsible RAV is determined directly on the basis of the zip code.

For questions about job search, the bot offers helpful information and links to related videos - for example, on optimizing application documents - and the digital helper also knows how to advise on the topics of job market and job placement.