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Gaston - the new digital assistant from GastroSocial


Use Case

The chatbot helps with frequently requested topics such as questions about pension funds, AHV, family allowances and assists with form searches.


The use of Gaston should increase the efficiency of employees as well as the customer experience and service quality for customers.


One highlight of this project was the attention to detail that went into the design of the "Gaston" chatbot.


GastroSocial is the leading compensation and pension fund for the catering and hotel industry and offers social insurance and industry-specific pension solutions. With over 20,000 affiliated companies and around 170,000 insured persons, GastroSocial is the largest association compensation fund and association pension fund in Switzerland and is based in Aarau.

GastroSocial's first-level support receives a large number of inquiries every day. Employees are contacted by telephone, contact form and e-mail. Most of the inquiries are simple and repetitive, but the large volume and manual processing mean that they are still very time-consuming.


Idea & realization

Fast help and competent service at any time of day - this is guaranteed by the new chatbot "Gaston". The introduction of the chatbot reduces the contact volume in customer service and increases efficiency in processing inquiries. Customers have the opportunity to find solutions 24/7, even outside of service hours.

The chatbot was implemented on the basis of the aiaibot service automation platform within a few weeks and went live at the beginning of July. The bot is used for questions relating to pension funds, AHV, family allowances and form searches.

Statement by Angela Burkart, Project Manager / Communication & Social Media Specialist:

Gaston has been in use on our website for a good two weeks now and is already being actively used by our customers! Thanks to the valuable input from aiaibot during the conception phase and the intuitive software, both the development and implementation of the chatbot went smoothly. The next step is to further develop Gaston with the AI module from a click-based chatbot to an intelligent chatbot with free text input in order to be able to offer our customers even more efficient solutions. I am proud of what we have achieved and look forward to continuing our collaboration with aiaibot!

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