21 SEP 2023

Sanitas receives best practice award at SCSUM 2023

THE HALL, Zürich

The joint chatbot project with Sanitas Krankenversicherung is recognized as "Best Practice 2023".

We are delighted that our customer Sanitas presented our joint service automation project at the Swiss Customer Service Summit 2023 and was also honored as "Best Practice 2023". Sophie Eisl, Head of Digital Self Service at Sanitas Health Insurance, spoke on the topic of <How digitalization in sales and service succeeds.>

Healthy automation: bots boost customer experience at health insurance company

Digital self-services do not stop at health insurance companies - and are also meeting with a positive response from customers. Sophie Eisl, Head of Digital Self Services at Sanitas Krankenversicherung, explains why: «The last best customer experience of customers in any industry is becoming the next minimum requirement for all industries - including health insurance companies.» To meet this high standard of service and convenience, Sanitas launched a chatbot together with aiaibot two years ago.


Sophie Eisl receives the "Best Practice 2023" award for the chatbot project






In addition to a positive customer experience, the aim is to increase efficiency thanks to case-closing processing. «What the customer sees is just the tip of the iceberg», says Sophie Eisl. The entire clockwork of automation, dark processing and end-to-end processes runs behind the bot in order to meet the goals of convenience, experience and efficiency.

The Sanitas chatbot is called Alva and is currently being tested in the portal. «Seven use cases are already live and the number of users has doubled in a very short space of time. We see that the acceptance of interacting with a chatbot is increasing», says Sophie Eisl. User feedback is used for ongoing service optimization and classification. The next step is planned for 2024: «That was just the beginning of our journey with the chatbot!», said Sophie Eisl, who also sees great potential in ChatGPT to process complex cases in the future and to relieve customer advisors for complex cases. Her lessons learned: «Start quickly, test, learn, optimize». And don't be discouraged by restrictions such as data protection, but look for possible ways forward together.