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«Yes, I do.» And then? - The chatbot of the city of Lucerne provides support in civil status matters


Use Case

Easy and fast ordering of certificates from the civil registry office. Assistance with matters relating to marriage preparation and marriage.


Increased customer experience through faster turnaround of concerns, even outside of business hours.


In addition to the chatbot, also the robot module is used to send order confirmations for documents to customers and the civil registry office.

The City of Lucerne offers its 84,700 citizens online versatile support, information, answers, solutions and help in the areas of economy, administration, customs, politics, leisure and more.

Initial situation

The civil registry office of the city of Lucerne  supports residents in solving their concerns independently digitally and without waiting times. Until now, people had to contact the civil registry office directly by phone or email during opening hours for questions or to order forms, or even go to the counter in person.

Idea & Implementation

The city of Lucerne is committed to providing citizens with answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. With the help of the city's chatbot, they can now order forms from the registry office or independently resolve other issues relating to documents, marriage preparation, marriage or death at any time. The robot module used then sends an order confirmation to the customers and the civil registry office when the form is successfully ordered.

The bot ensures that the customer experience on the website and with the office actually is and is perceived more positively. At the same time, the chatbot provides the office with exciting insights and information for further process optimization and data analytics based on customer feedback. The insights and empirical values thus conveyed by the customers help the employees of the civil registry office to find out which further automations and self-service offerings could additionally improve the customer experience. 

With the help of the customer feedback received via the survey module, the chatbot is continuously developed and expanded. The findings from the reporting also help the city of Lucerne to improve the bot and thus promote the city's innovative image.

If user reactions are positive and the use of the chatbot noticeably reduces the workload of the telephone and email channels, an expansion of the application area to other departments for the city of Lucerne is conceivable in the future.

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