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aiaibot Launches Chatbot Enterprise Solution for Sales and Service

Company · Created 1.10.2020

Automated chatbots are still not as commonly used as they should be by companies to assist customers with their digital touchpoints. While some have implemented chatbot solutions, there is still much room for improvement. That is why one tech company, swiss moonshot AG, is launching the aiaibot chatbot enterprise solution—an advanced tool that intelligently digitizes customer dialogue with fast, quantifiable benefits.

To tackle the challenges presented by the implementation of chatbot solutions, the Swiss innovator, aiaibot, came into the market in November 2019. More than 100 small-to-medium companies have already joined the service and improved their bottom line by implementing aiaibot, which is a simple chatbot that uses an innovative technological platform. Now, aiaibot has also become available for larger companies as it is equipped with a diverse set of functions and modules and makes use of artificial intelligence (AI).


A Chatbot that Uses an AI Module and Workflow Automation

aiaibot’s new chatbot solution offers a comprehensive platform for creating both sales and customer service chatbots. In the sales sphere, the new solution can serve as a digital sales adviser. The chatbot conducts customer dialogue, generates leads, provides advice, and makes customized offers 24/7. In the customer service sphere, the AI module enables the chatbot to initiate the right workflow for every interaction, receiving unstructured information from the customer and executing the required actions. It can even automatically engage other company systems and databases. Common requests, such as address changes, delivery status queries, orders, and many other processes can be automated end-to-end. This saves the time spent by expensive service employees, thus cutting costs significantly.


Success that Can Be Measured Quickly

Thanks to the user-friendly onboarding process, aiaibot’s solution can be implemented with intelligent customer dialogue, AI components, and business automation within 6 weeks.


Frédéric Monard, co-founder und chairman of swiss moonshot

The development of our chatbot enterprise solution is based on the many years of experience that we have had with LENA, an on-premises solution, as well as on more than 100 chatbot projects in the new aiaibot cloud. That means we are unrivaled in the field of conversational AI in German-speaking Europe. Many simple chatbot solutions by technology startups are not efficient enough, while the platforms of Microsoft, IBM and Amazon, on the other hand, are very complex and time-consuming in their implementation. aiaibot’s chatbot solution can achieve measurable business success in sales and customer service within a very short time.


Swiss-Made Cloud Software for Conversational AI

The cloud software is made and hosted in Switzerland and is absolutely GDPR compliant.


Ingo Steinkellner, the CTO of swiss moonshot

The future of strong enterprise solutions lies in the cloud. Businesses can increase revenue thanks to project lead times that are greatly reduced and thanks to significantly lower investment costs. That’s how we make conversational AI suitable for every company out there.


Business Automation Due to Integration Interface

As a result of an open API approach, aiaibot’s chatbot solution can be easily connected to CRM, ERP, ticketing platforms, and databases of any kind. It can also automate cross-system workflows. Standard plugins for Salesforce and HubSpot are already available. Along with integration on websites, Slack, Facebook, or simply over email, aiaibot is suitable for all kinds of communication channels.

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