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Communicate live with others. 

For those important times when you need to, for when expert advice is required and for responding to complex or challenging requests: our live chat with aiaibot. Enable your users to switch from an automated chatbot to a live conversation.

Live chat integration options:





Workspace & Collaboration

Manage your projects and chatbots easily in an at-a-glance workspace. A practical role concept makes it easy for you to allocate rights, guaranteeing optimal collaboration!


Lead generation

A chatbot that helps you generate leads! The dialogue transfer widget forwards incoming leads automatically via email to the responsible employee for processing.


Analytics Dashboard

The clear analytics dashboard shows you the key figures at a glance. This means you’re always up to date and can use these insights to develop your stories.


Customer satisfaction analysis with a single click! 

Every successful conversation ends with a review. Did I achieve something? Was it a comfortable experience for the other person in the conversation?

In a real-life conversation, body language or tone of voice can help us answer these questions. Online, we need to use questionnaires. These will help you determine exactly what the experience was like for your visitors.


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