Service Automation Event with CallNet, Basler Kantonalbank & Bank Cler

Customer Service Automation - How to use modern technologies and AI for more service efficiency.

A Zurich event presents the latest results from the field.

On March 16, 2023 in Dübendorf, three experienced service experts presented how AI and modern technologies in service processes can improve the customer experience and reduce costs. The practical experience with an AI digital strategy in the Swiss financial sector was discussed in detail.

«AI is currently the hottest field in IT», explained Dario Tibolla, President of the contact center industry association, in his opening remarks to over thirty executives from all sectors. The meeting was held at the headquarters of service automation specialist aiaibot, manufacturer of the platform for Conversational AI.


Success factors

Tom Buser, CEO of aiaibot, pointed out that the right connection between man and machine ensures a market advantage. Bots are used in various areas. They either respond directly, provide correct information after analyzing the customer's request or trigger processes and interact with company systems. These include, for example, opening a ticket. Humans remain indispensable. Agents are therefore used for complex issues. Tom Buser: «Users must never get stuck in dead ends and feel let down.»





Flexibility creates advantages

Balz Kundert, Head of the Customer Operation Center at Basler Kantonalbank and Bank Cler, presented the introduction of aiaibot in the bank's customer service. The aiaibot chatbot answers various customer questions, for example about QR-bills and digital banking, and helps to generate leads.

The advantages are considerable right from the start: users do not have to search for information on the website, but receive the desired answers within seconds. Bots also meet new needs. More than a third of inquiries are received outside normal business hours. Balz Kundert: «The chatbot allows us to expand our range of services and be available around the clock. The new platform has therefore quickly met with a high level of acceptance and is being actively used. The potential of self-service is considerable. With just one topic via the chatbot, we have reduced the call volume by 4% and at the same time the call peaks», continues Kundert.

In general, the possibilities of chatbots and automation applications are increasing rapidly. In the future, bots will also help with tax returns in the public sector, for example.

Tom Buser, CEO of aiaibot: «Today, chatbots offer accepted and modern self-service options in various sectors such as hospitals, the public sector, insurance companies, banks and energy suppliers. We are only at the beginning of a development.»

Balz Kundert
Head of Customer Operation Center, Basler Kantonalbank & Bank Cler


Tom Buser
CEO, aiaibot


The event focused on the following topics:

Insight into the project
Insight to increase efficiency
Potential of the platform
Modern technologies