29 NOV 2023

EN – Customer Roundtable November 2023


GPT and AI in practice: How advantages can be achieved.

This year's second Customer Roundtable provided exciting insights into the new features of the aiaibot platform and an exciting GPT customer project with Baden Cantonal Hospital.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) are a way to massively improve the customer experience. The aiaibot Customer Roundtable in Dübendorf at the end of November 2023 highlighted key points. First and foremost is increasing the proportion of correct answers in AI-supported customer dialog. A powerful interface (streaming API) can also greatly reduce the time it takes for a chatbot to respond. AI and GPT require precise objectives if they are to generate maximum benefit.

In his opening speech, aiaibot CEO Tom Buser described the dimensions of the importance of AI and GPT in customer service: «The chatbot market will grow by a full 23% annually by 2030. Healthcare is the fastest growing sector. Already 67 percent of consumers worldwide have interacted with a chatbot in the last twelve months.» Swiss figures confirm the sensational development. Among aiaibot's customers are over ten banks, nine insurance companies, six hospitals, over twenty cities and cantons and four energy suppliers.

Increased performance thanks to OpenAI connection

At the roundtable, Stefan Wey from Baden Cantonal Hospital reported on their project with aiaibot. The hospital has been using bots since 2021. The bot 'Sina' is launched when the user clicks on a specific service offer. «As a first step, we integrated the ‹Urology› content into the aiaibot AI.» Other bots are also in use, for example in the areas of emergency or human resources. The previous navigable hospital websites serve as a database. Their content is uploaded to the aiaibot platform. A semantic search uses vectorization to select the relevant texts for the user questions. The aiaibot platform is connected to GPT of the American company OpenAI, mediated by the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Zone Switzerland. The answer is sent to the end user via the aiaibot Robot and Chatbot modules.

The aiaibot platform ensures that the GPT language model generates the correct answer. The respective source of the information is also documented. The overall architecture thus leads to the greatest possible reliability of the information - a task that would be too much for GPT alone. The activation of new bots at Baden Cantonal Hospital is planned for 2024, which will provide information on the entire range of services, among other things. Stefan Wey:
«There is huge untapped potential ahead of us.»


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AI self-services with high accuracy

Dr. Hans-Peter Uebersax, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of aiaibot, presented a free-text-based customer dialog based on a project for the tax administration of the canton of Schwyz. After authenticating the citizen who enters a question, AI makes it possible to recognize the request made. The question does not necessarily have to be asked in German, but can be asked in the most common European languages. GPT from OpenAI shows its strength especially when it comes to complex answers. It is connected to the aiaibot platform via a standard interface. The solution can be easily customized by the company itself.

The results are remarkable. The price-performance ratio improves by two thirds, and more context can be evaluated for the generation of answers. The accuracy of the content conveyed increases significantly. Hans-Peter Uebersax from aiaibot: «Following the changes to the GPT feature, 80 percent of customers have noticed an improvement in the accuracy of their answers. Previously, the figure was only 58 percent.»

Practical knowledge for the road to success

A highly attractive customer experience starts with a clear objective. «Processes and goals must match down to the last detail», explained Saskia-M. Sokol, Chatbot and Automation Professional at aiaibot. The first question is always self-evident: Does it need GPT or is a simple guided dialog enough? «GPT can be too time-consuming if it's just about providing clear and standardized answers», reports Saskia-M. Sokol from practical experience. «A module with frequently asked questions (FAQ) is sufficient. In addition, no information leaves the company and data protection is guaranteed to a greater extent.»

Specific know-how is required for the procedure from the initial discovery phase to the implementation of the individual steps and the evaluation of the benefits. AI experts are aware of the risks of generalizations. Assumptions and instructions such as «GPT can do everything» or «Upload all existing data» lead to inadequate results. Hans-Peter Uebersax, Chief Product Officer: «In optimal solutions, every part has its exact place. The aiaibot platform guarantees that the processes run in a targeted manner and that all requirements are met - including data protection, security and ethical aspects.» Insiders use a term that comes from the world of music - orchestration.





The aiaibot Customer Roundtable takes place twice a year for our customers. It offers an interdisciplinary exchange of experiences among experts on best practices in the areas of chatbots and service automation. The aim is to learn together, grow together and actively shape relevant topics.