Wine Tasting with the virtual Hostess of Bindella

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Use Case

During seasonal promotions, selected and current wine offers from Italy are presented hospitably and competently in the online store, almost like in a restaurant.


Inspire the guests of the online wine store with virtual hospitality.


An interactive and virtual wine presentation by the digital hostess. Those who try out the store directly will receive a noble bottle opener as a gift.

The Bindella company has long been dedicated to the gastronomy and trade of the finest Italian wines. In its 40 restaurants, Bindella has been delighting guests with high-quality wines from various Italian wine regions for over 100 years. The fine wines have recently also been distributed digitally in an online store. This online store makes Bindella one of the largest wine mail order companies in Switzerland.

Starting point

Even though the newOnline-Shop has fortunately increased the profits generated by the wine, something has been lost that is traditional for the Bindella family - the very personal wine consultation. With the innovative chatbot project, Bindella wants to get back to this tradition. Developing a digital host for the gastronomy website visitors is therefore a great concern for the family. The chatbot should definitely have a human, sympathetic and credible effect on the visitors. In order to realize these goals, a real Bindella employee was used in the chatbot as an expert and presenter of the wines. She embodies humanity, friendliness and competence.

Idea & Implementation

The project was realized together with aiaibot partner Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG. The company specializes in the fields of behavioral economics and neurobiology. With this project, state-of-the-art technology could be combined with the latest findings in behavioral science-based communication. Based on this knowledge and implemented with the innovative technical possibilities in the form of text, images and video sequences, the chatbot of the wine store increases the probability of use of the online store on the one hand and also conveys the desired hospitality to the outside.

In order to make the virtual hospitality tangible right at the beginning, the digital hostess welcomes website visitors with an invitation to a glass of wine. In a friendly conversation, she vividly presents the current wine offers from Italy to the wine store guests. After the competent and interactive presentation, there is a small surprise for those interested in wine at the end. All those who try out the online store and order immediately after the talk will receive a high-quality Bindella bottle opener as a gift with their wine order.

The chatbot has is live seasonally and is being diligently promoted by Bindella on various channels to draw potential customers' attention to the hospitable online wine store. We are sure that this innovative sales channel will be very successful on the Swiss wine market and that the fine Bindella wines will attract strong sales.