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Using the chatbot to find a vehicle or spare part

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Use Case

Provide orientation regarding the most frequently searched offers and guide users


Reduce bounce rate by providing navigation assistance to website visitors


Weekly requests and orders for spare parts via the chatbot

Franz AG is a car business with several locations in the greater Zurich area. It offers comprehensive services, such as the sale of vehicles, repairs, maintenance work, rental of car accessories, cleaning and much more. Accordingly, extensive information can also be found on the Franz AG website.

In order to give website visitors a better orientation, a chatbot was introduced. It speaks to them on the homepage and provides them with an overview of the various services and campaigns that are currently running. In order to be able to advise visitors individually and in a targeted manner, the chatbot asks them about their needs right at the start and can then forward them directly to the information they are looking for without wasting any time. This not only generates efficiency gains, but also increases customer satisfaction.

Unser Versprechen: Service Automation, delivered!

Wir verstehen Kunden. Und wir verstehen Digitalisierung und künstliche Intelligenz – dank eines grossen Know-how und über 150 umgesetzten Projekten. Diese Erfahrung differenziert uns nachhaltig vom Wettbewerb und macht aiaibot zum führenden Schweizer Lösungsanbieter für Customer Service Automation und Conversational AI.

Der Benefit für Unternehmen? Wir ermöglichen schon heute den Kundenservice von morgen. Weil wir wissen, wie es geht. Und weil wir schneller bessere Resultate liefern.