Flawa significantly reduces its service requests


Use Case

Chatbot relieves customer service by answering simple questions.


Reduce the number of service requests that reach the customer service department and provide customer advice


Calls and emails from customers have decreased significantly.

As a Swiss distributor of body and hygiene products, such as protective masks, FLAWA has plenty to do during the corona crisis. Not only is there a large product demand to cope with, but also the need for advice from their customers has greatly increased. Many of them are looking for an answer to the question of which of the many different protective masks will best protect them and their environment and suit their individual needs.

To better handle the number of incoming requests, FLAWA introduced a chatbot in its online store. Based on a few questions, it recommends the appropriate protection mask to users and helps them if an order fails or is not executed as desired. FLAWA hit the bull's eye with the introduction of the chatbot as a measure to reduce inquiries: they now receive significantly fewer calls and emails, which results in a noticeable reduction of the workload for many employees.