Flik ensures more frankly app downloads


Use Case

Promotion of the frankly pillar 3a App & Integration into advertising campaign


Increase in app downloads and account openings


Flik users download the frankly app twice as often as the rest of the users

The Cantonal Bank of Zurich has developed the retirement planning app frankly which enables a quick and uncomplicated opening of a pillar 3a account. To increase awareness of frankly, a website was created that revolves around the app and topics related to pillar 3a. To address the website visitors directly and to promote the app, chatbot «Flik» was created, which could be implemented easily and effectively with aiaibot.

Since the go-live, Flik has already been actively used within the first few weeks and many have started the dialog with the chatbot. Flik gives the users information about frankly, explains the pillar 3a and shows its importance. At the end of each dialog, the chatbot points out the frankly app and even gives the users an exclusive discount code, which they can redeem when opening an account! And Flik is really good at it: The probability that frankly will be downloaded by the website visitors is twice as high if they have interacted with Flik before.