Aquibot calculates Insurance Premiums

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Use Case

The dynamic and interactive premium calculator in the chatbot is intended to encourage prospective customers to order offers or arrange a personal consultation.


Aquilana wants to reduce the bounce rate after premium calculation by using their chatbot and convince with a positive customer experience on their website.


Aquibot uses gamification to eclipse the conventional premium calculator and encourages users to contact Aquilana. 

Aquilana offers insurance cover for illness, maternity and accident in the area of basic and supplementary insurance. The independent health insurer based in Baden has been around for 129 years. Aquilana received the top score of 5.2 from in 2021 and also the seal of approval for clean customer advertising and no telephone canvassing, as it completely refrains from canvassing customers by telephone and adheres to the agreed rules when contacting them through other channels. But that's not all - the insurance company also took an excellent 2nd place in AmPuls' benchmark study! The Aquibot website supporter is ideally suited for the insurance provider to even improve on this top performance, because the interactive digital helper offers potential customers a very positive customer experience.

Most insurance premium calculators have a similar structure. After entering date of birth and place of residence, interested parties are calculated various premiums for the available insurance models. Most users of such a premium calculator jump off again immediately after receiving the relevant information and compare the premiums with offers from another insurance company.

With the Aquibot, gamification and the dynamic design of the dialogue are intended to ensure a positive customer experience that keeps website visitors on the site for longer. As part of the current advertising campaign, customers can spin the wheel of fortune and/or click on the chatbot for premium calculations and advice. The interactive and non-binding dialogue is intended to help reduce the bounce rate after the premium calculation and also give Aquilana the opportunity to contact customers directly, either by quotation or in the form of a personal consultation.

According to Ertan Karahan, Head of Marketing/Sales at Aquilana Insurance, the chatbot has paid off:

Aquibot has actively supported our prospective customers during the «change season» in a user-friendly way in the premium calculation, quote request and contacting in the digital process!

The chatbot Aquibot was developed together with the aiaibot Solution Partner visàvis AG and can be found here together with the Wheel of Fortune as part of Aquilana's advertising campaign. With various advertising measures (such as giveaways) and ad formats, Aquibot is promoted during the change season to win over customers. In addition to helping customers calculate premiums and arranging personal consultations, Aquibot is also happy to provide information on other benefits of Aquilana and other insurance services. 

It is planned to use the chatbot in other areas of the website with additional functions in the future.