robot module.

With the robot module, entire workflows can be easily automated. And thanks to the open API approach, third-party systems of any kind (CRM, ERP, ticketing, etc.) can be easily connected.


Integrate external systems

Robot is our channel-neutral workflow engine for end-to-end automation. The heart of this module is the Workflow Builder, which connects external systems to your chatbot in a simple and transparent way. This option opens up countless further opportunities to expand the chatbot and automate processes in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, HR and IT.


Workflow Builder

In the Workflow Builder you can model your automations. Triggers allow you to control exactly when workflows are running and conditions are used to follow the appropriate paths dynamically. External systems can be integrated via connectors.


Building blocks

To create automation processes in Robot, the Workflow Builder has numerous plug-ins and a dynamic configuration of API interfaces. In addition, various connections can be made, such as from Salesforce or HubSpot, in order to use your robot in an even more efficient and versatile way.



Each workflow can be tested and edited in separate environments at the touch of a button. This allows you to check changes or new workflows in the test environment and if everything runs correctly, bring them into production with a single click.



Automation only becomes valuable with transparency and traceability. Our logs allow each execution to be traced in detail. Should errors occur anywhere, they are quickly found and corrected via drill-down. Flexible notifications round off this functionality.