chatbot module.

The chatbot module allows the creation of interactive customer dialogues and is included in the Professional and Enterprise price plans. It is a must-have. And it doesn't even require programming skills.


Shaping customer dialogs

aiaibot delivers the perfect software for your chatbot. Our platform allows you to easily and flexibly build stories that are quickly adaptable and can be developed further. Through the integration of pictures, GIFs, videos, file uploads and surveys, the chatbot can be ideally emotionalised according to your ideas.



aiaibot enables an easy connection of different channels such as Slack, WhatsApp or the Facebook Messenger with just a few clicks. And with our No-Code Integrations the integration of the chatbot works without programming knowledge and couldn't be easier.



Adjust the colours of the chat window to your corporate design, create a name for your chatbot and add your logo to it to optimally use it for your branding. You can also set up your chatbot to be displayed in full screen mode if required.



Build your stories easily with the drag & drop principle. With our flexible modular model you can edit, change and expand your chatbot dialogues at any time. You have a lot of great possibilities at your disposal, such as the integration of GIFs, checkpoints or surveys or the transition to another story or a live chat. Have a ball!



The well arranged Analytics Dashboard shows you the key figures of your chatbot at a glance. You will receive a customisable summary of impressions, interactions and conversions as well as numerous other information, depending on which elements you have used in your stories. On the basis of this information, you can complement and optimise the stories in an agile way and thus fully exploit the potential of your chatbot.

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