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Our Conversational AI Building platform with focus on chatbots is easy to use, powerful and simple to integrate. Is that exactly what you’re looking for? Then see for yourself.


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Just what you need

aiaibot delivers the perfect software for your chatbot. Our platform allows you to easily and flexibly build stories that are quickly customisable and can be constantly evolving. Through the integration of pictures, GIFs, videos, file uploads, and surveys, your chatbot can be emotionalised according to your ideas.


Simple & transparent

Our aiaibot experts have developed an AI module to make our platform more intelligent through machine learning. Among other things, the module enables the training of so-called classifiers for the recognition of customer intents and a control of the dialogue based on it. With us, AI is not a black box – we focus on simple operation and transparency.


Implement external systems

Robot is our channel-neutral workflow engine for end-to-end automation. The heart of this module is the Workflow Builder, which connects external systems to your chatbot in a simple and transparent way. This option opens up countless further opportunities to expand the chatbot and automate processes in marketing, sales, customer service, HR and IT.



aiaibot allows you to easily connect different channels like Slack, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with just a few clicks. Because of our no-code integrations, the implementation of the chatbot can be done without programming knowledge and couldn't be easier.



Adjust the colors of the chat window to your corporate design, create a name for your chatbot and add your logo to it to make it fit your branding. You can also set up your chatbot to be displayed in full-screen mode if required.



Build your stories easily with our drag & drop feature. With our flexible story-building kit, you can edit, change and expand your chatbot dialogues at any time. You have a lot of great options at your disposal, such as the integration of GIFs, checkpoints or polls, or the transition to another story or a live-chat. Knock yourself out!



The comprehensive Analytics Dashboard shows you the key figures of your chatbot at a glance. You will receive a customisable summary of impressions, interactions and conversions, as well as numerous other information, depending on which elements you have used in your story. Based on this information, you can improve and optimise your stories in an agile way and thus fully exploit the potential of your chatbot.

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Story Builder
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Chatbot Styler
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Import Wizard

The Import Wizard allows you to train your chatbot with different data and content. The data upload is easy and comfortable and allows different file formats. The training data is entered into the system in a clean and clearly structured way and can also be viewed in a neat preview.


Data View

Gain insight into your uploaded training data and edit or extend it at any time. You can also easily filter them to gain a better overview.


Report View

Your trained classifier can be evaluated on the basis of various key figures. For the reporting, we offer not only the functionality, but also the transparency of how and why aiaibot arrived at these key figures. With the help of the Confusion Matrix, which clearly shows in which examples the classifier predicts a different intent than expected, you can further optimise your model.


Intent Widget

Using this feature will allow your chatbot to use intent detection to control the dialogue. This means that the intent widget will continue the dialogue with the story that most likely matches the user's free text input.


Workflow Builder

Your automations can be modelled in the Workflow Builder. You can control exactly when workflows are running using triggers and the appropriate paths are dynamically followed using conditions. You can also integrate external systems via connectors.



To create automation processes in Robot, the Workflow Builder has numerous plug-ins and a dynamic configuration of API interfaces. In addition, various connections can be made, such as from Salesforce or HubSpot, to make your robot even more efficient and versatile.



Each workflow can be tested and edited in separate environments at the push of a button. This allows you to check changes or new workflows in the test environment, and if everything runs correctly, bring them into production with one click.



Automation only becomes valuable with transparency and traceability. With the help of our protocols, each execution can be traced in detail. Should errors occur anywhere, they are quickly found and corrected via drill-down. Flexible notifications round off this functionality.

use cases.

Boost your campaigns.

A chatbot is available to your website visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and allows you to communicate with each and every one of them. This makes visitors interact more quickly and you generate more leads.

Win more customers.

Using the chatbot as a digital sales assistant is an excellent application of this technology. Not only can it ask the website visitors what they are looking for and help them find a specific product, but it can also handle the entire buying process and provide the customers with a personalised buying experience.

Customer Service
Always available for your clients.

Service requests can be completely automated through chatbots. This means for your customers: no waiting time, fast answers and therefore a high level of satisfaction. At the same time, you enable your Customer Solutions Agents to handle complicated cases with less time pressure and higher quality.

Receive more applications.

Chatbots can directly address website visitors who are looking at a job advertisement, clarify questions and receive their application documents immediately. By actively addressing interested candidates you increase the number of applicants, improve their candidate experience and score points as a modern employer that keeps pace with the times.

Automate your IT processes.

One of the most common issues that IT support teams are contacted with is password resets. This process can be easily configured in the workflow and thus automated. This increases the efficiency of all parties involved, as the requesters do not have to wait for an IT support engineer to respond, which in turn allows them to focus on difficult cases.

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