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Onboarding Packages

Our Partners would love to support you and help you reach your goals with a chatbot. Select the best suiting partner package and realize your first successful chatbot project with one of our partners. 

Speed & Quality
Price point
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  • Boot Camp (2h)
  • Storytelling
  • Story Design
  • Creation of 4 Stories
  • 3 weeks of coaching
  • 1h / week
  • Digital Touchpoints (Website, Facebook, Slack, etc.)
  • Live Chat
Integration of organisation
on request
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  • Workshop (8h)
  • Storytelling
  • Story Design
  • Creation of unlimited Stories
  • 4 months of coaching
  • 6h / week
  • Digital Touchpoints (Website, Facebook, Slack, etc.)
  • Live Chat
  • Automation (Robot)
  • Artificial Intelligence (NLP)
  • Integration of process landscape
  • Integration of system architecture
  • Qualification for use of NLP
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an aiaibot-partner maintain my chatbot completely?

Aiaibot-partners are experts in handling our chatbots. They’re well informed about the storytelling process and know how to implement technical updates at any time. Therefore, we recommend to work with an aiaibot-partner on a long-term basis.

How long will it take until my chatbot is live?

Once the goals are defined, the set up of the story should only take few hours. You’ll be able to benefit from you new communication channel within a very short time.

Can I build my chatbot on my own?

You certainly have the possibility to create and maintain your own stories. Nonetheless, the expertise and advice of an aiaibot-partner will bring your chatbot to the highest level of quality, which is why we recommend you contact and chat to one of our aiaibot partners before going live.

Where is my data stored?

Aiaibot is a cloud product and is hosted in the Google Cloud Switzerland. This way, your data is stored safely and GDPR-compliantly.

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We have a soft spot for non-profits

You’ll receive a 10% discount on your aiaibot Essential package when you equip your non-profit organisation with the latest chatbot technology.

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Safety first - your data is safe with us!

Data privacy is our top priority.
That is why we rely on GDPR-compliant hosting providers with data storage in Switzerland only.

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