Conversational AI for every Industry.

With aiaibot, you can rely on smart, digital customer interaction. Automate your business processes at the same time. 

High data protection standards and Swiss hosted 
Increasing user experience and conversion rate
Chatbot as 24/7 Self-Service offer
Smart integration into third-party systems

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For every Industry
In digital dialog with customers.

No matter which industry your company belongs to, the topic of smart customer communication and the automation of business processes are omnipresent.

With aiaibot, you start where the greatest potential lies. Be it in customer service, digital consulting or sales. Integrate the Conversational AI platform with third-party systems to take full advantage of its capabilities. The experts at aiaibot support you in finding the right application area and quickly generating measurable results. 

Further Industries & Use Cases


Increase conversion.

Many products require individual advice. The chatbot from aiaibot can answer your customers' questions online 24 x 7. This reduces the bounce rate and increases your sales.

aiaibot also supports orders that have already been placed and can, for example, check the shipping status in third-party systems or make adjustments - all completely automatically.


Efficiency gain and increase in customer satisfaction.

Conversational AI is not only used in the B2C context. Companies in the B2B sector, such as industry or manufacturers, can also benefit from aiaibot's efficiency gains. 

For example, inquiries from sales partners or customers can be processed automatically and appointments can be made directly online. The customer relationship is thus improved and strengthened.


The digital guide.

Form processing, ordering documents, making appointments and much more. The chatbot allows different inquiries from patients or visitors to be answered simultaneously and around the clock.

This significantly reduces the workload of reception staff and provides a positive experience for website users.

Digital customer acquisition & support.

It is well known that prospective customers like to obtain information online before making a purchase decision. For software providers in particular, it is therefore important to get the most out of their website for generating leads. The chatbot makes this possible! It advises and arranges demo appointments around the clock.

aiaibot can also achieve great efficiency gains in corporate IT. The typical opening of IT tickets can be taken over by a chatbot, which asks for all relevant info or even solves the request independently. The automated answering of emails by aiaibot has also proven itself here.

What customers say about aiaibot.

Integrate aiaibot easily.

Third-party systems can be integrated quite easily through a standard interface. Here is a selection from the list of the most common integrations.
Customer Story
To a glass of wine with the virtual hostess

The Bindella company has long been dedicated to the gastronomy and trade of the finest Italian wines. Through the digital hostess, they can now offer their customers an interactive and virtual wine presentation.

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