Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots - what Users really think about it

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Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, are technologies that complement and strengthen human abilities such as analyzing a situation, thinking, making decisions, and performing certain actions.
In the case of the chatbot, this means that the bot analyzes a free text, recognizes the sender's intention from it and can provide the appropriate feedback - all automated. For this to be possible, large data sets are required to feed the artificial intelligence with the appropriate knowledge in advance and to train it for the desired tasks.

AI is already being used by many companies at all kinds of touchpoints without us noticing it much.

Much of our daily life is already controlled by AI. For example, which images or which advertisements we see when we surf the Internet, based on our user behavior. Likewise, the playlists personally tailored to users, such as on YouTube or Spotify. Our behavior is analyzed and the AI decides for us which topics suit us and might interest us. AI is already being used by many companies at all kinds of touchpoints without us noticing it much.

AI is also a very prominent topic in the media, which sometimes leads to uncertainty among many people. It is therefore very important to use AI carefully and cautiously. Especially in the context of chatbots, it makes no sense at all to work with AI in many cases, since a great deal of added value can already be created with clickbots based on predefined dialogs.

What chatbot users understand under artificial intelligence

To get to the bottom of the question of what added value end users expect from the use of AI in chatbots, this topic was integrated into the Chatbot Study 2021 by aiaibot and ZHAW. Around 1000 people were surveyed.

The vast majority of respondents understand the term AI to mean computer-controlled, programmed behavior of programs, processes and the like. Likewise, terms such as robots, machines and machine learning are present to most in this context.
10% of the respondents state that they understand the term AI to mean «intelligent behavior based on data, facts and situations», and some of the respondents also associate AI with the term «algorithms».

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When asked what added value they see in the use of AI in a chatbot, users most often cited «simplicity» and «efficiency» as the benefits they value most.

Saving costs and resources ranks high in the evaluation of chatbots with AI.

Every day, we take in more and more information that we are supposed to process. Many tasks are to be completed every day; small digital helpers with simple and efficient handling are a welcome support here. If the behavior of the bot is personalized to the customer, this is also highly appreciated, because personal advice and an offer tailored to the user are not only important in a personal conversation, but also in a conversation with a chatbot.

Saving costs and resources ranks high in the evaluation of chatbots with AI.This is especially true from the point of view of the company, which offers the chatbot as an additional customer service employee. This allows the employee to deal with more complex activities.

aiaibot_grafiken_32 EnglischSome of the respondents could not decide on any of the given factors in their evaluation. Is this possibly because they are not aware of the added value? Or are they perhaps not yet that familiar with the topic and the handling of AI?
The topic of AI does not have to excite everyone. But the fact is that we can no longer imagine our everyday lives without AI and that it accompanies us constantly and in various everyday situations.

It is exciting that every second person sees the use of AI as a possible end-to-end automation of a process. This finding is extremely exciting, especially for companies! Whereas today chatbots are primarily used selectively at individual stages in the customer journey, their scope of action could consequently also encompass a complete process - e.g., everything from advice to the purchase of a product and downstream customer service.

The end users are definitely open to it and see it as an absolutely conceivable application. Likewise, the respondents believe that it is possible with artificial intelligence to clarify simple and standardized concerns on their own.

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The study participants are convinced that AI is capable of providing individualized and data-based advice in a customer interaction. Artificial intelligence chatbots are already capable of performing these processes in this way, enabling companies to provide enhanced customer service, resource savings, and increased interactions with the business, among other benefits. What do you think artificial intelligence can be capable of in the context of bots? Do you share the opinion of the respondents?

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