Help your website
visitors to find the right information.
Reduce bounce rate on website
Easily navigate users to the desired information
Answer frequent questions quickly, directly and automatically
Inform visitors in a targeted and proactive manner

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The digital

Websites often contain an extremely large amount of information, divided into different areas. If a visitor does not find what he is looking for, he either leaves or contacts the company directly.


With the use of the chatbot as a digital guide, the user can be accompanied to the desired information in a targeted manner or the bot can directly answer the request on its own. Inspire your website visitors with a unique digital customer experience.

Increase length of stay.

By using a chatbot to help users with their search, you not only reduce the bounce rate, but also increase the time spent on your website. The latter, in turn, is seen by search engines as a positive indication of a high-quality, state-of-the-art website.

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Find information faster.

Visitors to the website no longer have to search around for the right documents or information, because the chatbot guides them to the right place by asking specific questions. This ensures a positive experience and also positively influences the perception of your company.

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With the chatbot, our website visitors can find answers to their questions about protective masks even faster. The topics in the bot can also be quickly and flexibly adapted to new circumstances.
Sarah Szaller
Sarah Szaller
Head of Marketing
FLAWA Consumer GmbH
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The digital

Just like in a hotel, the chatbot welcomes website visitors in its role as concierge and guide and accompanies them to the right information. The chatbot responds to the user and offers its help, which can significantly reduce the bounce rate.

Visitors automatically stay longer on your website because they interact with the bot and get answers to their questions quickly. Instead of a FAQ section, the bot covers the most common queries and brings your company to life through the interactive nature of the chatbot.

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Customer Story
FLAWA responds to high demand with chatbot

FLAWA's chatbot answers the majority of questions about products, e.g. protective masks, advises customers in the online store on their selection, and helps with problems in the ordering process. Direct inquiries by phone or email are thus greatly reduced.

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The right solution for every area.

Increase conversion rates and sales with the help of the digital salesperson. It works around the clock and optimally complements your Sales department.

Customer Advisory Service

Advise your customers individually at the digital touchpoint with a combination of chatbot and live chat. For a seamless customer journey.

Customer Service

With the chatbot as a self-service offering, you avoid waiting times for your customers and noticeably relieve customer service. For more efficiency in service.


Reduce the burden on your IT support while creating a positive service experience for your end users. For more productivity in IT support.