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Reduce customer service inquiries by up to 30%.
Chatbot as 24/7 self-service offering
Solve requests immediately and automatically
Relieve customer service from standard inquiries
Happy and loyal customers

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the clock.

Today, customer inquiries are still mostly received by phone or email. Especially during peaks, service departments are under great strain, and customers have to expect long waiting times.


The chatbot complements your customer service as an always available, digital self-service channel. In this way, you relieve the service department, which can take care of more complex concerns, and reduce costs sustainably. Delight your customers with an outstanding service experience.

Respond to inquiries efficiently.

The chatbot answers customers' most frequently asked questions automatically and relieves your customer service team of repetitive work. In interaction with integrated third-party systems, address data can be changed automatically, delivery status can be queried, and much more.

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Create positive service experience.

Waiting times are history, as customers can resolve their concerns around the clock in self-service. This leads to a positive customer experience, which in turn is a competitive advantage. Customer satisfaction can also be easily measured via chatbot using Net Promoter Score.

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With the chatbot, we've seen a significant decrease in calls and emails. And users are very happy with the chatbot experience.
Stefano Marinelli
Stefano Marinelli
Division Manager
WAS Luzern
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Conversational AI in Service

The chatbot is establishing itself as a popular entry channel for customer service inquiries. With the use of Conversational AI, the dialog between customers and companies is automated and peaks or waiting times are eliminated.

The interaction between automated response via chatbot and email and related systems such as ticketing tools, CRMs, ERPs, etc. creates a service offering at an attractive cost and fully meets customer expectations.

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Customer Story
Maxi reduces phone and email inquiries by 30%.

In peak times, which occur every year due to the high number of applications for premium reductions, Chatbot Maxi can greatly reduce the workload of the service team. The Aargau social insurance was able to reduce its service requests by 30% in a very short time thanks to the bot. Interested?

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The right solution for every area.

Increase conversion rates and sales with the help of the digital salesperson. It works around the clock and optimally complements your Sales department.

Customer Advisory Service

Advise your customers individually at the digital touchpoint with a combination of chatbot and live chat. For a seamless customer journey.


Reduce the burden on your IT support while creating a positive service experience for your end users. For more productivity in IT support.


Make your website content even easier to find and reduce the bounce rate. Users will quickly get to the information they are looking for.